When you partner with SBL, not only can you expect reliable, quality workplace testing products from top-tier global manufacturers, but you’re also receiving dependable support and education from our team of experts.

We’re here to ensure the success of your workplace testing program with premium devices and customer support services.

The SBL Difference

  • A trusted partner to businesses in a variety of industries including energy, mining, manufacturing, agriculture and transportation.
  • Team members with more than a decade’s worth of experience, collectively, providing on-site testing and managing risk in the workplace.
  • Well-established, credible manufacturing partners globally with existing FDA, CE & Health Canada licensed products.
  • ISO Certified Manufacturer and GMP Facility to ensure quality standards.
  • Personalized service to support you every step of the way.

Our Testing Solutions

We offer the following POCT tests from our longstanding partnership with credible manufacturers:

Blood Sample Test Kit for Detecting Infectious Disease Antibodies

The COVID-19 IgM/IgG Antibody Rapid Test Kit compliments existing nucleic acid/antigen detection tests (nasopharyngeal swab, sputum or alveolar lavage fluid specimen).  These tests detect antibodies at the onset of symptoms, once a patient begins producing antibodies to fight the virus. For workplace applications, this qualitative screen can assist in return-to-work protocols.

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Oral Fluid Analysis System for Detecting Drugs

The DrugTest® 5000 System by Dräger Safety is a mobile state-of-the-art opto-electronic oral fluid drug screening device (POCT). It is fast, reliable and eliminates any possibility of human error in reading or interpreting results.

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Breath Analysis Device for Detecting Alcohol

The durable and reliable Alcotest® 6820 breath alcohol detection device from Dräger Safety offers quick and precise breath alcohol analysis in a user-friendly and compact device. This high-tech but easy-to-use device has ambient alcohol sensing capabilities and provides accurate, quick results.

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Oral Fluid Point-of-Collection Test for Detecting Drugs

The Dräger DrugCheck 3000 is a compact oral fluid POCT drug detection device that delivers results within 5-7 minutes. The compact device is portable and easily read manually, with no additional equipment or electric connection required.

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