Safe Entry COVID-19 Screening Stations

About our Safe Entry COVID-19 Screening System.

The Safe Entry Station identifies individuals who are exhibiting symptoms associate with infectious diseases such as COVID-19. The technology used in the Safe Entry Station monitors and identifies the potential presence of COVID-19 associated symptoms such as fever, cough, exhaustion, congestion, sweat gland activation, eye redness and headache, along with other key determinant factors. It only takes between 1-2 seconds for the scan to process.

COVID-19 Testing Stations

Screen for 7 symptoms
in seconds.





Sweat Gland Activation

Eye Redness


Indoor, Outdoor and
Mobile Solutions.

Key Features.

720 Scans Per Hour

Near-Real time screening.

Medically Based

Uses proprietary AI to measure a grouping of symptoms determined by a medically-based algorithm.

Customizable Robust Solutions

Indoor, outdoor and mobile solutions.

Anyplace, Anytime

Available in communities throughout North America.

Contactless Screening

Contactless COVID-19 screening in seconds.

Quick Results

Uses a simple green light/red light approach to identify individuals for safe entry.

Rapid Deployment

Deploys as quickly as 7-10 days.

Frequently Asked

COVID-19 Safe Entry Station Questions

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