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Partnering with SBL

SBL’s team of experts have real-world industry experience and are ready to help you at any stage in your workplace testing program. We offer flexible lease and purchase options, tailored to your companies’ needs. Our online administrator certification training programs tracks your team’s training, and we walk you through the non-negative lab/MRO through every step from obtaining a second sample to retrieving your results from the secure online portal.

Yes! We present oral fluid drug testing technology to organizations, companies, and at special events across North America. Please contact us to book a presentation for your company or event.

Yes, we work with partner distributors all around the world. Contact us to see if we support a specific vendor in your area.

General Testing Questions

It is important to recognize the difference associated with testing for drugs-of-abuse using oral fluid verses urine. Oral fluid as a specimen type can detect drug use within minutes of consumption, whereas urine requires the ingested substances to be metabolized by the liver before detection. This is a process that can take hours. The ability to detect recent use means employers can determine fit-for-duty much more quickly and easily.

Oral fluid sample collection can be witnessed, which decreases the chances of adulteration. Sample collection is non-invasive and does not cause dignity or issues with collectors/donors of opposing gender.

  • Screens for recent use, does not address lifestyle/historical use
  • No known adulterates
  • Witness collection
  • Results within minutes
  • Less invasive: no dignity or gender issues
  • Laboratory and MRO supported

Detection window comparison between oral fluid and urine.
All time periods are approximate and can vary based on numerous factors.

SBL offers the DrugTest 5000 and AlcoTest 6820 for purchase as well as rental. There are a variety of rental options and pricing depending on the length of the contract and quantity of units. All annual maintenance costs are included in the rental pricing. Contact us for a quote.
The DrugTest 5000 requires an annual maintenance. The AlcoTest 6820 requires calibration every 6 months. Both of these services are to be performed by an authorized technician.

Any non-negative result from the Dräger device should be confirmed by an independent lab and medical review officer (MRO), then handled per your company policy. SBL guides you through the entire process and provides an easy to use and secure web portal to receive final results.

DrugTest 5000 Questions

AMP Amphetamine 50 ng/ml
MET Methamphetamine 35 ng/ml
COC Cocaine 20 ng/ml
OPI Morphine 20 ng/ml
THC △9-tetrahydrocannabinol 5 ng/ml
BZD Benzodiazepines 15 ng/ml

Yes. Dräger has published a wealth of independently-verified scientific validation studies for the DrugTest 5000. Please contact us for further information.