About SBL Testing Technologies

Our Mission

Empowering Business Through Disruptive Workplace Testing Technology

At SBL, we understand the sensitive nature of workplace drug & alcohol testing. Our experience and expertise will ensure that your company is ready to integrate and optimize all the advantages of oral fluid drug testing. With a corporate philosophy of unwavering commitment to service, SBL is your partner to enhance your drug & alcohol program: seamlessly and cost-effectively while successfully addressing the dynamic challenges faced by corporate drug & alcohol programs today in Canada.

Our Partners

SBL has partnered with Verify Diagnostics to bring our customers the very best in POCT rapid testing for the workplace.

SBL has partnered with Dräger Safety to deliver their world-class drug & alcohol technologies to the workplace. It starts with the Dräger DrugTest® 5000, the only oral fluid drug screening device to detect THC at 5 ng/ml (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol). The DrugTest® 5000 is the most sensitive oral fluid POCT device available on the market and when fully integrated and supported within a company’s drug & alcohol program, it makes program administration easier and more cost-effective.