SBL Testing Technologies Launches COVID-19 Rapid Antibody Tests for the Workplace

Recognized provider of workplace testing solutions expands capabilities with COVID-19 IgM/IgG Antibody Rapid Tests

Austin, Texas – May 6, 2020 – SBL Testing Technologies (SBL), a company that provides on-site rapid testing technologies and comprehensive support for workplaces to manage risk, announced it will offer COVID-19 IgM/IgG Antibody Rapid Tests. The company is drawing on its wealth of expertise in the workplace testing space to now provide antibody tests that support programs for U.S. companies as they look to re-start business operations and prioritize the health and safety of their workforce.

“While there is tremendous global attention on testing to manage public health, we also recognize that testing is a key component of COVID-19 business continuity strategies,” said Rich Robillard, managing partner, SBL Testing Technologies. “As a trusted partner of major companies in the energy, mining, manufacturing, agriculture, and transportation industries for drug and alcohol testing, we’re here to support companies immediately and in the long-term, as they navigate the complex issue of reopening operations. SBL is known for providing only the highest quality tests available, backed by scientific data and exceptional customer support. Using a trusted partner like us is important for companies as they begin reentry to the workplace in these uncertain times.”

SBL leveraged its relationships with leading high-quality manufacturers to begin providing the COVID-19 antibody test. The COVID-19 IgM/IgG Antibody Rapid Test is a simple point-of-care lateral flow immunoassay detecting IgM and IgG antibodies simultaneously against the COVID-19 virus in human blood within 15 minutes. The test is designed to detect patients at different infection stages. It does not detect the COVID-19 virus itself, but the antibodies produced to fight the virus. This is critical for return-to-work applications. The testing protocol is meant not as a one-time use, but for ongoing workplace testing to manage employees’ health and the safety of ongoing operations.

As part of SBL’s comprehensive support services, clients benefit from online competency training for organizations’ health professionals in the administration of the test. SBL’s proprietary mobile result reporting app allows clients to manage results from anywhere, in real-time, and build out custom reporting to meet company and local regulatory requirements.

SBL is positioned to help U.S. companies navigate the complexities of COVID-19 and supply the tools needed to maintain the health and safety of its workforce. For more information on the tests and to inquire about purchasing antibody tests, please visit our website.

About SBL Testing Technologies

With headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, and Austin, Texas, SBL Testing Technologies is a provider of on-site rapid testing technologies and comprehensive support for workplaces to manage risk. SBL has partnerships with leading manufacturers worldwide to offer its clients the highest quality in workplace testing available, along with training and customized support services. The company has clients across the energy, mining, manufacturing, agriculture, and transportation industries. For more information, visit

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